Sunday, April 13, 2008

Learn English Grammar : Noun


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What is Noun?-- A Name refers to person, animal, object or place.

How many types of Noun? -- It can be basically divided into two groups below.

Must know about Nouns

  • Use a/ an to describe only one noun
  • The following characters can tell you that the word is a noun
    XX ness -- emptiness
    XX ity -- capacity
    XX tion -- duration
    XX ence -- confidence
    XX sion -- mission
  • Use apostrophe ('s) for making the posessive noun.
    John's dog -- The dog belongs to John
  • Use s' for making plural possessive noun that end with s or es
    Boys' dog -- The dog belong to the boys
  • Use 's for making plural possessive noun that do not end with s or es
    People's right -- The right of people

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