Thursday, June 26, 2008

Learn English Grammar : Adverb


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What is adverb?--It is a word that explain the characteristic or give you more details about "verbs" such as quickly, usually and fast etc.

John quickly walk to me (adverb quickly explain about how John walk.)

Must know about adverbs

  • Don't be confused. It is similar to adjective but it's different! (explain noun and explain verb.)
  • Most adverbs are in the form of adjective + ly such as quickly, slowly and really etc.
  • Some adjectives need to change its form before putting ly such as angrily.
  • However, some words (very few) have the same form for adjective and adverb such as fast.
Adjective -- That was a fast running.
Adverb -- John run so fast (Don't use fastly. It's totally wrong!!)

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